I am back我回来了



今年在布达佩斯、布拉格、芝加哥、台湾等地,我有机会在一些关于纪录片、女性和社会公正的电影节、会议和活动中与朋友们见面。请跟我的推特 @zengjinyan以获取最新信息。Several opportunities for me to meet friends in Budapest, Prague, Chicago, Taiwan, etc. this year, on festivals, conferences and events about documentary, women and social justice. Please follow me on twitter @zengjinyan for updates.

A workshop Cinema and Human Rights is coming soon: http://www.ln.edu.hk/ccs/events/swhumanrights/swhumanrights.php

请在150个无所畏惧的女人中找到我 Please find me among 150 fearless women: http://www.thedailybeast.com/features/150-women-who-shake-the-world.html

请观看一部关于女博客作家(包括我)的纪录片 Please watch a documentary about women bloggers and me: http://forbiddenvoices.net/en/en-start.html

Please wait patiently for my academic publications, fiction writings and next film works, which are expected to be accomplished in four to five years. Your concern and criticism always contribute to my progress.

Some of past events and articles:

  1. Gender, Grassroots Struggle, and the Interpretation of Activist Documentary: From Taishi Village to Three Days in Wukan: http://www.law.cuhk.edu.hk/research/crj/download/Events/20130125%20Flyer%20for%20Zeng%20jinyan.pdf
  2. HKIndieFF2013: 自由城的囚徒 Prisoners in Freedom City: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sM-s_kZb2hs
  3. Editings and writings for Probe International’s column “Voices from China”: http://journal.probeinternational.org/voices-from-china-2/; http://journal.probeinternational.org/meizhou-guangdong-province-2012/
  4. 《阳光时务》:探訪劉霞之後——紀錄片與社會行動 http://www.isunaffairs.com/?p=12714 ;獨立電影的救贖 http://www.isunaffairs.com/?p=11860 ;溫暖我們光與誠 http://www.isunaffairs.com/?p=868 (He Warms Our Hearts with “Light” (Guang) and “Sincerity” (Cheng): http://underthejacaranda.wordpress.com/2011/10/21/he-warms-our-hearts-with-light-guang-and-sincerity-cheng-zheng-jinyan/ )
  5. Free Chen Guangcheng movement grows despite violence: http://uncut.indexoncensorship.org/2011/10/china-free-chen-guangcheng-movement-grows-despite-violence/
  6. Sex Assault Victims Suffer Twice in China: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/zeng-jinyan/sexual-assault-china_b_1073693.html
  7. 传知行:草根的歌唱与反抗  http://zhuanxing.cn/public/newsletter/201302.pdf ;心安之处是我家 http://www.zhuanxing.cn/html/publication/677.html  ;Don’t call them “leftover women”: http://www.zhuanxing.cn/html/jinyan/744.html ; etc..

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