No written medical test results for Hu Jia and no information on the most important data concerning his liver cirrhosis

No written medical
test results for Hu Jia and no information on the most important data
concerning his liver cirrhosis


April 15, 2010 at 11:35 am

Translation provided by a friend:

These past few days, we have called
the staff members [in the prison and hospital administration] concerned with Hu
Jia’s case every day. But each time, no matter whether we were trying to reach
the prison hospital staff or the prison affairs office staff we were always
told the person we asked for wasn’t there – they had gone out, or they had just
gone into the prison compound [meaning they had left the administrative compound
and entered the actual prison], or they had gone to attend some training
outside the prison. Even if we called several times a day, we always got this
answer. And there was no point in going directly to the prison either, since
without a prior appointment we would not even have been able to get through the
entrance door of the administrative compound.  

We got in touch with lawyers and
legal experts to enquire if the law and legal procedures provided any room for
action. But the current law puts far too few constraints on the discretion of
the prison administration in such cases. All I can do is incessantly make new
requests [to the prison administration]; and I may also submit applications to
the Prison Administration Bureau and to the Ministry of Justice. But sadly,
ever since Hu Jia was ‘disappeared’ in 2006, I have repeatedly submitted
applications, petitions, reports and complaints and so on to the police,
prosecutorial and various other government authorities at all levels of the
administration. With the exception of the Beijing City People’s Congress Representative
Wu Jing’s response, I have not received a single answer to all my submissions.
According to Yu Tong, Ai Xiaoming’s and Cui Weiping’s urgent appeal calling for
signatures in support of Hu Jia has already been delivered by express mail to
the Beijing Prison and Beijing Prison Administration Bureau.

My requests are very simple: 1.
medical parole for Hu Jia, 2. while medical parole has not yet been granted, Hu
Jia’s living conditions should be improved and he should no longer be required
to do physical labour, 3. Hu Jia himself and his family should be provided with
all the written documentation of all the medical test results. But until now,
not a single one of these requests has been granted.

from this, while none of the relevant results
to asses the state of Hu Jia’s liver cirrhosis have been made available, some
medical experts on diseases affecting the liver have advised that Hu Jia is
very likely in urgent need of new antiviral treatment. As he has already built
up a resistance to the
he was given before, Adfovir or Entecavir could be used for his treatment. To a
liver cirrhosis patient who has already taken antiviral medication in the past,
any medicine such as the Silybin Meglumine pills he is now receiving is as useless
as a mere placebo.

afternoon Hu Jia called me on the phone. It was the first time he was in touch
since he was hospitalized on 30 March. He sounded calm and gentle. He told me
that the division head (prison officer) in charge of him had gone off for some
training, that the other officer replacing him had asked him if he wanted to
make a phone call to his family, and that this was why he was able to contact
me. He told me on the phone that when he was taken back to the prison on 9
April 2010 the doctor told him that the test result had shown he had
subclinical hyperthyroidism and that he did not currently have a high fever, and
that the state of his colecystitis and liver stones remained unchanged. The
prison was [now] giving him two kinds of medicine, namely the Silybin Meglumine
pills produced by the Hunan Pharmaceutical Ltd. Corporation, and a
medicine for treating hyperthyroidism (because of time constraints I was
unable to note down the name of this medicine). I asked him if he had seen any
written test results and he said he had not. He told me, moreover, that he had also
submitted a written application requesting that he and the family be issued
with the written test results, but his request had been rejected. I asked Hu
Jia if after his return to prison his living conditions had improved in any way
and he said there was no change whatsoever. When I asked him if he knew his HB5
and viral load test results Hu Jia said he did not know these. I very quickly
told him about the 7.1 grade earthquake in Yushu in Qinghai. (Hu Jia used to be part of the
‘Wild Yak Team,’ [a group] that tried to protect the Tibetan Antelope with a
couple of other team members on the [Tibetan] Plateau; he has many friends in Yushu County
and neighbouring areas.) He said ‘ah’ and fell silent for a moment, and then
recited ‘Amitabha [Buddha].’ We had run out of time and were cut off before we
had had time to say good-bye.


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