一封来自Global Response的呼吁信

Global Response issues Emergency Actions when the lives and safety of environmental activists are threatened, and also when partner organizations ask for help in their campaigns. To receive Emergency Actions by email, please join the Quick Response Network (QRN).

Mar 2, 2006 – Emergency Action: Activist Disappeared / China

Take Action! Help find Hu Jia, a prominent Chinese activist who has been missing since February 16th.


Prominent environmentalist and HIV/AIDS activist Hu Jia went missing on the morning of February 16th. His current whereabouts are unclear, but it is feared that he has been detained by the Chinese authorities. His family has contacted various government departments, including the police, to ask where he is detained, but none have admitted holding him.

Background Information

Hu Jia is an outspoken advocate for people with living with HIV/AIDS, especially in China’s poor rural areas. He is the co-founder of the Beijing Aizhibing Institute of Health Education. He recently resigned from Loving Source—a non-governmental organization he co-founded in 2003 to help children orphaned by AIDS-related illnesses—in order to prevent the authorities from harassing the group.

Hu Jia is also a veteran environmentalist, and was an active member of the Chinese environmental movement from 1995-2001. He was a leader of China’s Green Camp from 1996 to 1997, helping promote student participation in environmental conservation. Hu Jia offered tremendous support to the development of one of China’s best known environmental groups, Friends of Nature. He also helped to establish Greenpeace’s first Beijing office in 2000.

One of Hu Jia’s greatest contributions to conservation work in China has been the attention he brought to saving the endangered Tibetan Antelope. He set up a Tibetan Antelope Information Center and ceaselessly raised awareness about antelope poaching on the Tibetan Plateau for making Shatoosh. Through his efforts, Hu Jia helped local conservationists and nature reserves in Xinjiang and Qinghai provinces obtain needed resources and funding to implement their work.

Hu Jia has never hesitated to stand up against violations of human rights, particularly those of China’s most socially-vulnerable groups.

Recommended Action:

Please send the following letter to Prime Minister Wen Jiabao requesting that Hu Jia’s whereabouts is disclosed.

Your Excellency,

I am writing to ask the Chinese Government to take all necessary steps to locate Hu Jia and inform his family of his whereabouts.

Hu Jia has been missing since 16 February, and his location is unknown. He has a known medical condition which requires that he take medicine daily. If detained, he should be given access to appropriate medical treatment and released immediately unless he is charged with a recognizable criminal offence.

Please help locate Hu Jia.




Prime Minister

Wen Jiabao

The State Council, No. 9 Xihuangchenggen Beijie

Beijing, 100032

People’s Republic of China

c/o Chinese Embassy in the USA

Political Affairs Office, Minister Counselor Cai Run, Fax: (202)-7457473

Governmental Affairs, Minister Counselor Su Ge, Fax: (202)-2655284

Tel:(202) 328-2500

Email: chinaembassy_us@fmprc.gov.cn









胡佳对中国环保工作最大的贡献之一就是他引起社会对保护濒危保护动物藏羚羊的关注。他建立藏羚羊信息中心,不间断地引起大家对偷猎藏羚羊生产“沙图什Shatoosh 的关注。通过胡佳的努力,他帮助新疆和青海当地的环保者获得开展工作必需的资源和资金。












中华人民共和国北京市西城区西皇城根北街9号中国国务院 100032



政治事务办公室,公使 Cai Run, Fax: (202)-7457473

政府事务,公使 Su Ge, Fax: (202)-2655284

电话:(202) 328-2500

Email: chinaembassy_us@fmprc.gov.cn


5 Responses to 一封来自Global Response的呼吁信

  1. Xibai说道:

    Seems to be same with the notice from Amnesty International.

  2. 说道:

     there is also one in Epochtimes. My friend from London School of Economic and Political Science says that Epochtimes posters could be seen in the campus for supporting their hunger strike.

  3. 说道:


  4. me说道:


  5. Dave说道:

    I started my own HIV/AIDS live chat support network (no AIDS org near me) on  http://www.13km.com  so I could meet more HIV positive or affected friends online, please stop in, we are not alone 😉


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