keep on moving

Last night, Dr. Lee Nam Ju and his two schoolfellows, W, L, G, Z, and I had dinner together.
Dr. Lee is my hero. He was the student union chairman ten years ago in Seoul University. That time was a period of student movement, also heat democracy movement in Korea. He had been illegal detained twice, almost night months in total. Because he was the chairman! After several years striving, during late 1980s’, he and other students succeeded. They won a democrocy country.
People especially those born in 1970s’ remember, Chinese media had lots of reports on Korea. In 1989, China’s student movement broke out. It’s absolutely different form Korea’s. Mass of people died, the remainder is in silence. That already past. All Chinese lose and they are lost.
New questions emerging in China: what are they doing now? What are today’s students doing now?
Dr. Lee said, after student movement. Most participants go on livings in three ways. One is business, lots of participants become key persons in the IT industry. Another is political circles. most leeders in student movement turn to government magnates. Others, like Dr. Lee, went on study and become a teacher in university. Few of them turn to artists. Some famouse film directors are the guys in student movement.

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  2. Hui说道:

    Dr. Lee的手长得巨好看,呵呵:)每个国家的发展都有自己特有的方式


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